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Mosaic It! Heart Mosaic Kit


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Wild Raspberry Mosaic It! £12.95
Have you got one our Mosaic Kits? If you have this is how it should look when you've made it up! There is some allowance for creative licence, and colours/tiles may vary.
Kit contents:
12cm MDF heart shape, selection of mosaic tiles, glue, glue stick, plastic tweezers, vinyl glove, ready to go grout.

1 pop some newspaper down to protect you surface
2 place your tiles where you'd like them to be on the heart, leaving a small space in between tiles ready for the grout to fill
3 the tile should be flat side UP and bumpy side DOWN on the heart
4 using your tweezers, pick up a tile and place a blob of glue on the heart
5 place the tile back onto the glue
6 continue until the tiles are all glued down
7 leave to dry for 24 hours
8 using the glove to protect you hand, take out some grout and place on top of tiles, push the grout into all the gaps between the tiles until it's all covered
9 clear as much grout off the tiles as you can
10 get an old plastic tub (Icecreams or margarine tub would be great) filled with water
11 using a cloth or sponge , wipe excess grout off the tiles, leaving the tiles nicely framed by grout
12 wipe sides of of heart and leave 24 hours to dry
Pls note: do not pour water down the sink!!

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Tags: mosaic kit, handmade mosaic, mosaic heart, making mosaics, mosake making, mosaic birthday parties, take away mosaic

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