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Create Your Own CeramicsCreate Your Own CeramicsCreate Your Own CeramicsCreate Your Own Ceramics
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Unleash your creative energy on to a piece of ceramics!

We have a fabulous range of ceramics available for you to paint on including mugs, plates, vases, tiles, plaques, boxes for keepsakes, money boxes, coasters and picture frames, dog bowls, fairies, dragons and the list goes on!

Prices start from £5.00.

Its very simple! All you have to do is;

• Choose your piece
• Select your colours
• Paint!

We glaze and fire it, and it will be ready the following week.

Hot Pot Tips

• Use only 3 or 4 colours
• Repeating shapes and patterns can be very effective
• Use the colour chart to see how the colours turn out after firing

... and if it goes horribly wrong, fear not - you can wash it off and start again!